Study Groups

Study groups focus primarily on reading, interpreting, and apply the teachings of the Bible to our contemporary lives. Study groups are a great opportunity to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and discuss the Bible with others who are on the journey of Discipleship. Our study groups include annual Lent and Advent series, as well as a pastor-led Bible study on Tuesday  at 10:00 a.m.

Support Groups

Support groups are small groups of people who gather together for mutual support and care. Their purpose is to offer individuals a safe space to ask questions, seek answers, and find healing and hope within the gift of Christian community. Our support groups include gatherings like Men’s Fellowship Breakfast, Women’s Prayer Breakfast, GriefShare®, Widow’s Mite, and any other gathering where two or three gather to “do life together.” 

Interest Groups

One of the guiding principles of First UMC is “fellowship.” That means we see the gathered community (the “church”) as a gift of God that offers opportunities to come together and share in love, care, support…and fun! Our interest groups offer folks a place to enjoy special interests together, like exercising, sewing, baking, dancing, reading, game night and so much more!